Steep Roof Inspections

Inspections of steep roofs can be dangerous!  AA Home Inspection uses drones to solve this problem.

This picture illustrates why we, AA Home Inspection, have a certified drone pilot on staff! Inspecting this roof would not be possible due to the pitch and the safety-related concerns it poses.

Some Roofs Have Steep Slopes

This home we inspected in Cincinnati, OH with a very cool cone-shaped corner roof accent with a copper top!  We love this look by the way!

As you can see from the picture, this roof is too steep for a person to stand on, let alone walk around and perform a thorough inspection of the roof.

Roof Inspection by Drone

Roof Inspection by Drone

In situations where we are inspecting a home and it has a steep roof or a portion of the roof that is steep, we will use our drone to inspect that portion of the roof.

Any portion of the roof AA Home Inspection’s home inspectors can safely walk to inspect, always get inspected with a certified home inspector on the roof!

Drones are a nice ‘backup’ or ‘trick up our sleeve’ if you will, but not the answer to roof inspections in our opinion.  We separate our Cincinnati inspection service from the competition by never cutting any corners.  We perform home inspections by the book and that includes everything from the foundation to the roof!

Better Understand Roof Pitch

If you are interested in learning more about roof pitch, we recommend Wikipedia as a great starting point.

If you need a thorough inspection of a steep roof along with an inspection of the rest of your home or building, give the friendly home inspectors at AA Home Inspection a call today and we’ll get your inspection scheduled fast!