Schedule Your Inspection Online

You can always schedule your inspection with AA Home Inspection by phone during business hours.  We are open 7 days a week.

For your convenience, we have an online scheduling tool that is synced with our calendar.

If you complete the short series of forms on this page, you will be able to select the inspection that best fits your needs, pick from available dates on our calendar to schedule your inspection, and pay for your inspection using a credit card.

Please Note: A member of the AA Home Inspection team will verify the information our online scheduler provides during the request process by following up with you.

Also, Saturday inspections cannot be scheduled online.  Please contact us if you would like your inspection to take place on a Saturday.

If you would like to call to schedule, please feel free!

For Ohio inspections, call (513) 319-7770.

For Kentucky inspections, call (859) 448-0213.

After you schedule your inspection, you can expect to hear from us shortly.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide you our services!

Thank you for choosing AA Home Inspection for your inspection needs.