Home Re-Inspection Service

Home re-inspection being performed by AA Home Inspection in CincinnatiIf you had your home inspected and then hired a contractor to repair certain items identified in the initial inspection, it may be time for a re-inspection.  We’d love to perform your home repair’s re-inspection to ensure everything was completed in the proper fashion and the issues were truly resolved.

If you have not had your initial home inspection performed, learn more about what that service entails.

Inspection After Repairs


If you have any doubts about the 1st home inspection you received from another Cincinnati-area home inspection company, have AA Home Inspection out to provide you with a second opinion from our expert home inspectors.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of moving, but it’s wise to get your house re-inspected before you finalize everything. This will protect you from potential future costs associated with improperly repaired items.

How Home Re-Inspections Work

Re-inspections are a completely different service than a full-blown home inspection. You did just have your home inspected after all.

Things are not always as they appear!

We highly recommend you get a second set of eyeballs on the repair work that has been done, especially if on the major or expensive components of your home like the roof or foundation.

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Why choose AA Home Inspection to perform the re-inspection of your home?

AA Home Inspection only uses their home thoroughly trained home inspectors to perform inspection services.  Our home inspectors have credentials many other home inspectors in the Cincinnati area do not have.  We pride ourselves on offering the most thorough inspection services in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

What’s included in a home re-inspection?

Re-inspections can include everything our home inspection service calls for if we literally re-inspect every component in your home.  Or, it can entail solely re-inspecting items you had a contractor repair after having the initial home inspection performed.

Home Re-Inspection Pricing

The cost of your home’s re-inspection depends on the scope of the re-inspection you are in need of. Contact us and let us know if you would like the whole home re-inspected or only the areas which have been recently repaired.

We Perform Re-Inspections in These OH & KY Counties:

  • Boone County, KY
  • Butler County, OH
  • Campbell County, KY
  • Clermont County, OH
  • Gallatin County, KY
  • Grant County, KY
  • Hamilton County, OH
  • Kenton County, KY
  • Pendleton County, KY
  • Warren County, OH